Sunday, July 10, 2011

Coach Shopping Spree!

Hey guys.  Today was an awesome day considering the fact that I got to buy a Coach bag for my mom and two smaller bags for myself!!  (:  They came to about 300 $ with tax already so I was super excited!  We went down, or rather up north to Cookstown, Ontario where they have a giant Coach there.  It was the closest one so I decided, "what the heck?  Why not?"  I'll put up pictures eventually, how about say on the 17th because that's when I get back from Toronto!  I'll have a super huge haul up as well of everything that I got from Toronto.  I have a whole bunch of beauty stuff and so far not much on the clothes front seeing as I haven't found anything great just yet!  But hopefully I'll end up finding something!  Well, until next time!
--xoxo aleena

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