Friday, August 5, 2011

BH Cosmetics!

Finally got my BH 15 pro palette, stipple brush and brush set in the mail today!! I'm super excited to put the palette together and to get to finally be able to use the palette!  I had ordered earlier this summer from them and I just haven't had time to film yet or do a look using the palette just yet since I've just been working like crazy since I got my wisdom teeth out.  Hopefully I'll be able to finally put up the hauls from my trip to Toronto as well as everything in between!!  So look forward to a video of hauls as well as tutorials and my wisdom teeth show and tell!
--xoxo aleena

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hey guys!  So up on the blog I have a list of things that I actually need to talk about but haven't had time to just yet.  Also, my laptop has crashed, and I've pretty much lost all my stuff on that so I'm going to need to look for a new laptop but also save up some money to pay for one so it might be a while before I get anything solid up like the swatches and my post wisdom teeth surgery face up xD  Hopefully you guys can wait that long!!! I'm super sorry and I'll get everything up as soon as I can get that laptop!
--xoxo aleena

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Coach Shopping Spree!

Hey guys.  Today was an awesome day considering the fact that I got to buy a Coach bag for my mom and two smaller bags for myself!!  (:  They came to about 300 $ with tax already so I was super excited!  We went down, or rather up north to Cookstown, Ontario where they have a giant Coach there.  It was the closest one so I decided, "what the heck?  Why not?"  I'll put up pictures eventually, how about say on the 17th because that's when I get back from Toronto!  I'll have a super huge haul up as well of everything that I got from Toronto.  I have a whole bunch of beauty stuff and so far not much on the clothes front seeing as I haven't found anything great just yet!  But hopefully I'll end up finding something!  Well, until next time!
--xoxo aleena

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Woo! Last night was great seeing as I managed to get everything that I needed on my list from P.Mall.  For all of you that don't know what P. Mall is, it's a giant asian store called Pacific Mall in Toronto.  I managed to pick up all the shatter polishes with extras for friends and family, the nyx nude on nude palette, double eyelid tape, some gatsby for my cousins, nail jewels, nail dotting tool, cell phone cases, and an ipod case for my little cousin!  Pictures will be down below.. once I get them up that is. xD  Enjoy!
--xoxo aleena

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Big T.DOT

I'm finally in toronto!!  Just arrived yesterday in the afternoon.  I got to drive part of the way there!  So exciting!  Our family is coming back from New York tonight so that means a whole bunch of hauls are coming up.  I'll be going to Niagra and Pacific Mall to do some shopping so maybe I'll vlog and you guys can tag along xD
Reviews and June favourites will be up soon I promise xD  Hope you guys are having a great time with all your vacations as well!  Until next time!
--xoxo aleena

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Woot!  My brother has finally finished grade school.  We were in a huge rush this morning, trying to get ready, fixing little things and being excited for the last grade school graduation.. in my family at least.  So my brother wore a darker pink shirt with a white tie. Cute!  So he didn't win any awards xD but that's fine because High School will be more important anyways.  So it's off to Toronto in a couple days!  Road trip!  Can't wait!
My brother, Kevin, getting his 'diploma.'
Walking away from the stage.. so blurry.
Mr. Jackson would not be happy xD
My cousin, Kalvin, recieving his 'diploma.'
Same for this one xD Sorry Mr. Jackson!
Kevin and Kalvin outside of the gym.  In the foyer.
My brother, so shy!
Shy Guy.
Kalvin: surprise shot.
FamJam (from left to right): me, Kevin, Mom, Carlena (sister)
Kalvin: surprise shot.
Kevin: surprise shot.
All in all, a pretty good day.  Had fun watching my brother grow up. I can't believe he'll be in High School next year!  Well, until next time!
--xoxo aleena

Mac Semi Precious

Is anyone else super excited for the launch of MAC's Semi Precious line?  I'm totally psyched and can't wait for it to come on this July!  The colours are wonderful and rich and they look amazing!  I'm really excited for the lipsticks that are coming out though because they just look gorgeous!  I'll be in Toronto when the line comes out so hopefully I'll be able to pick up some things before I come back home!
Now I'm off to get ready for my brothers graduation!  Pictures and post will be up soon!
--xoxo aleena

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Hot Date!

Hello everyone!  I finally got my Smashbox Hot Date palette in the mail!  I've been waiting about two weeks for this now and they have finally arrived.  I ordered this online on Haute Look.  If you'd like to check it out, here is the link:  I was shopping on there since they had a sale for Smashbox and I happened upon this one palette and decided, 'hey, 17$, not bad.'
This is just the front cover.
This is the back cover.
The colours in the palette (left to right): light creme colour, copper-toned colour, goldy-bronze colour, teal with silver flecks, light blue, chocolate brown.
Second Swatch.
I'll hopefully be able to post a review of this palette soon.  I'll be going to toronto for two weeks so lots of updates coming up as well!  See ya guys soon!
--xoxo aleena

Finally a Blogger!

Hello everyone!  So I've decided that I should probably make a blog so that I can just get everything about my life and what's going on, onto the internet so that you guys can follow.  I know that my life isn't that interesting xD but I'm hoping that you guys will like reading up on what's happening and also the different makeup/beauty/health tips that I can give out and won't be able to film for youtube!

And also, there will be a post up tomorrow because it's my brothers grade 8 graduation!  Yay!  He's finally growing up xD  I will have pictures up of his graduation.

So please let me know what I should do.  Anything you guys want to know, feel free to ask!

Thanks guys,
--xoxo aleena