Sunday, March 4, 2012

Quebec City!

Hello!! I know its been a super long time since I've been able to blog, but what with school, work... and school and work, I haven't had much time to post anything XD Luckily, school is almost over, which means it's back to youtube and blogging (:  So, getting to the good part, I wanted to tell you guys whats been going on lately.  I met someone awesome, well actually we'd been friends for a while now.  Things finally progressed and we are officially going out (:  We had decided to go on a trip together for spring break so why not Quebec City?  It was the most amazing trip ever, considering the city was beautiful and romantic, great for a getaway.
Let's start off with the hotel.  The hotel we stayed in ended up being really modern and it was conveniently located.  We were within walking distance from Old Quebec City.  There were also a lot of stores around so that we could do a bit of shopping or go eat ramen when the time came XD
Our bed.
One of the stores close to the hotel had some pretty awesome toys and lots of candy!
Giant Gumball Machine!
We also got the chance to check out their outdoor aquarium!  We saw seals, polar bears and walrus's.  My favourite was Boris. (:
We ate a lot of food!  This trip was partly about that as well.  We went to a ramen house, a burger place, a calzone place, smoked meat place.  The list of things we ate are endless XD
Chez Victor: Classic Burger with Poutine
Casa Calzone: Calzone
The Table: Cheesecake
The view from any high area was also absolutely gorgeous.  We had gone to the observatory and you could practically see the whole city!  We also had a beautiful view of the church behind our hotel.
The view.
The church.
The view.
The view.
I hope this blog will make you want to go to Quebec City as well.  It was an awesome trip for us and I would definitely do it again (:
--xoxo aleena

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