Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Woot!  My brother has finally finished grade school.  We were in a huge rush this morning, trying to get ready, fixing little things and being excited for the last grade school graduation.. in my family at least.  So my brother wore a darker pink shirt with a white tie. Cute!  So he didn't win any awards xD but that's fine because High School will be more important anyways.  So it's off to Toronto in a couple days!  Road trip!  Can't wait!
My brother, Kevin, getting his 'diploma.'
Walking away from the stage.. so blurry.
Mr. Jackson would not be happy xD
My cousin, Kalvin, recieving his 'diploma.'
Same for this one xD Sorry Mr. Jackson!
Kevin and Kalvin outside of the gym.  In the foyer.
My brother, so shy!
Shy Guy.
Kalvin: surprise shot.
FamJam (from left to right): me, Kevin, Mom, Carlena (sister)
Kalvin: surprise shot.
Kevin: surprise shot.
All in all, a pretty good day.  Had fun watching my brother grow up. I can't believe he'll be in High School next year!  Well, until next time!
--xoxo aleena

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